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  • What is an Escape Room?
    An escape room, or live escape game is a logic game in which the players are locked inside a room and in 60 minutes of time they have to search for a way out using every element of the environment that surrounds them solving codes, puzzles, puzzles and often overcoming their fears!
  • How long does the game last?
    The game lasts 60 minutes. Before the game you will be given an introduction to the game and a brief description of the rules to participate in it, once the game is finished you can also take a picture of your team. You must also arrive 10 minutes before the time indicated in your booking. So you have to allow about an hour and a half for everything.
  • How soon should I show up?
    You must arrive 5/10 minutes before the time indicated on your booking. In case you arrive late we will do our best to let you play 60 minutes, but in case of a delay of more than 10 minutes (and based on subsequent matches already booked) we cannot guarantee the smooth running of the match. In the contact section you will find all the information on how to reach us. In the Covid period between one room and another we will sanitize the rooms so we will sometimes need more time between one shift and another.
  • Is it possible to modify or cancel a reservation?
    Absolutely yes. To cancel your appointment, call 344-3891250. All changes must be made at least 48 hours before the day of the actual game, otherwise it will no longer be possible to move.
  • I would like to make a reservation, what should I do? "
    Reservations are managed online directly on our website. Click on the BOOK section on the home page and choose the adventure you prefer. Then choose the available time that best meets your needs. After filling in all the data, wait for an email confirming the booking.
  • I read that there is a maximum number of players, is it possible to add a person to the adventure? "
    Our games are designed to be played by a minimum number of people to a maximum number because we believe that it is impossible to guarantee a "playable" game for two and at the same time not too chaotic for 8. The maximum number of players is set to entertain you: the risk is that each one proceeds in the game independently excluding others. Instead, we recommend splitting into two teams by playing at the same time and thus making a challenge on two different rooms. To start the rooms together, contact us at 344-3891250.
  • Age of players: From what age is it possible to play?
    Our rooms are playable for people of all ages, but we recommend a minimum of 14 for horror-themed rooms. The magic school room, on the other hand, is also suitable for families with children of at least 10 years of age due to the complexity of the puzzles.
  • Is it possible to organize corporate team building sessions?
    Of course. Our activity is perfect for team building sessions, thanks to our game the various team members can have fun together by refining the concept of "together is better". Cooperation is even essential to be able to proceed in the adventure Having two rooms per venue, the maximum number of players per hour is 16 "playing" both rooms at the same time. For further information or personalized formulas, contact the number 344-3891250 or write to the email
  • How should we dress?
    For Tamara's room, Jack in the box and the clown's room, we recommend comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. For the School of Magic, clothing doesn't matter. For Halloween rooms we recommend comfortable clothes and a change. YOU COULD GET DIRTY!
  • Are the rooms scary?
    The game could be scary depending on the room you choose, however all our rooms are equipped with a panic button which allows the doors to be opened instantly. You will still be monitored by one of our operators for the duration of the game. We also report the strobe light in Tamara's room and that of the clown.
  • Does the game require strength or special knowledge?
    Absolutely not. The game is all about solving puzzles and using your logical and intuitive skills to get out of the room.
  • Are the rooms air conditioned?
    Absolutely yes. The rooms have air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes! We have a large car park that is always free and free.
  • How should we behave following the Covid emergency?
    The maximum number of players is limited to 7/8 people per room or based on the type of group. Body temperature will be measured before entering the rooms, in case of fever we will not be able to allow access. All our rooms are sanitized regularly between groups. We remind you that In Time is also a company specialized in civil and industrial cleaning as well as being certified for sanitation.
  • How many years have we been closed for the covid?
    For Covid we were closed in 2020 and 2021. But we're open now !!
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